Easy and Beautiful DIY Christmas Gift Baskets (Using Household Items)

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Christmas box decoratated with red wraping paper, snowflakes ribbon and filled with gifts

DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas box decoratated with red wraping paper, snowflakes ribbon and filled with gifts

Learn how to easily make DIY Christmas Gift Baskets using household items. It’s amazing how you can quickly make beautiful gift baskets by using Christmas decorations you may already have around your house. It is simple to transform an ordinary box into a unique and stunning gift basket idea using only Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon and a fabric poinsettia. This Christmas gift box would make a perfect gift basket for family, friends, teachers or anyone who is receiving a gift.

I love to decorate boxes to use as gift baskets and gift boxes. They are so inexpensive to make this gorgeous homemade gift basket and can usually be made quickly with household items. I use a similar technique for my Decorated Thanksgiving Food Drive Boxes.

DIY Thanksgiving Food Drive Box Decoration Ideas

Decorated boxes with fall leaves and ribbonVisit my YouTube Channel to watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make the Decorated Thanksgiving Food Drive boxes.

For these DIY Christmas Gift Box Ideas , I didn’t need to buy anything new to create a charming gift basket. I used a fruit cup box, Christmas wrapping paper I already had, a piece of ribbon from last Christmas, snowflake decorations and poinsettia from the dollar store.

You can make a unique, custom-made DIY Christmas Gift Basket design that not only is heartfelt but also becomes part of the gift. The colors and accents can be changed to match the recipient’s personality or whatever accents you have available. The flower can be replaced with an ornament, pine cones, cinnamon stick or even greenery. This festive gift basket idea can be reused as a Christmas decoration, to hold Holiday decorations or Christmas cards. It can even be placed on a side table filled with delicious treats.


  • A Sturdy Box
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Festive Ribbon
  • Poinsettia Flower (or available Christmas decorations)
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make Christmas Gift Baskets

  • Find a sturdy box the size that you would like for the Christmas gift basket. It doesn’t matter if there are pictures on the outside of the box because they will be covered.

  • Cut the flaps off of each side of the box.

  • Measure the size around the box and add 1 inch for the size of wrapping paper the wrap around the box.

  • Measure the outside and inside of the box to find the size of the wrapping paper so it will cover both the inside and outside of the box.
  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper the size of the measured box – the length of the box plus 1 inch by the depth of the outside and inside of the box.

  • Turn the box on its side so the opening is facing sideways and wrap the paper around the box, sealing the nonopen side like a wrapped present.

  • Cut vertical slits from the top edge of the paper in each corner to the top edge of the box as shown above.

  • Fold each piece of wrapping paper into the box and secure it with tape or glue to give the box and clean, finished look.

  • Wrap a piece of decorative ribbon around the box and glue to secure it.

  • Make a pretty bow with ribbon.

  • Glue the poinsettia to the bow with hot glue.

  • Attach the flower and bow to the front of the gift basket with hot glue. Accent the sides of the flower with snowflakes or decorative Christmas ornaments.

  • Fill the gift basket with tissue paper.

  • Fill the DIY Christmas Gift Basket wrap gifts and tasty treats.

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