DIY 4th of July Decorations (Uncle Sam Hat Candle Holders)

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Uncle Sam Hat
I love creating DIY 4th of July Decorations! I made these cute Uncle Sam hat candle holders out of mini-terracotta pots. I thought it would be fun to use create some of my themed decorations to add a patriotic flair to our 4th of July celebration.  I use battery operated tea lights to make a safe and festive display that will stay illuminated into the night.

Click here to watch my 4th of July TV segment for more DIY 4th of July Decorations and party ideas.

Materials Used for the Uncle Sam Hat Candle Holders


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How to Make DIY 4th of July Decorations (Uncle Sam Hats Candle Holders)

Step 1:
Draw evenly spaced stripes on the terracotta pot.

Step 2: Paint the White stripes on the terracotta pot and let dry then paint the Red stripes and let dry.

Step 3:
Paint the bottom rim of the terracotta pot with Blue acrylic paint and let dry.

Step 4:
Cut white and silver stars off of the star garland and glue them on the blue rim of the terracotta pot with craft glue.

Step 5:
Cut a large circle out of craft foam about 1/2 inch larger on each side of the opening of the terracotta pot. Use a warm, dry iron and heat up the craft foam. Bend it into the curved shape of the hat rim.

Click here to watch my video on how to easily mold craft foam.

Step 6:
Paint the craft foam red and let dry.

Step 7:
Glue the craft foam to the bottom of the terracotta pot with craft glue and add battery operated tea lights to complete your cute Uncle Sam Candle holders.

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    Love these!!! adorable!!!

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