Dazzling DIY 4th of July Fireworks Decorations (Water Bottle Crafts)

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Colorfull Plastic Fireworks Decorations Made From Water Bottles

DIY Fireworks Decorations Made From Water Bottles

Learn how to make these fun, safe dazzling DIY 4th of July Fireworks Decorations out of repurposed water bottles. These make a great DIY 4th of July centerpiece for your party or cookout! They are so easy to make and it could be a fun project for kids.

Add LED lights to the center of each firework to illuminate the DIY fireworks decorations. I like to use multicolored battery operated fairy lights that blink to make them more like flashing fireworks. They look great after dark because the lights make them come alive.

This is a quick and easy project to make by using reused water bottles, lollipop sticks and acrylic paint. I like to make a simple Styrofoam base decorated with patriotic ribbon to hold the decorative fireworks. I like to use Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint because it can be painted on plastic without flaking off over time.


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How to Make DIY Fireworks Decorations

  • Cut the top off a water bottle about 2 inches from the cap.

  • Make 1/4 inch wide equal cuts into the bottle, bend out the pieces out in differently to give them a firework effect.
  • Paint each of the fireworks with different multi surface acrylic paint.
  • Add the confetti glitter glue to the tips of each firework and let dry.
  • Hot glue lollipop sticks to the back of each of the fireworks.
  • Push them into the Styrofoam cube.
  • Glue decorative ribbon around the base of the Styrofoam cube to make a festive display.

  • Add LED lights and enjoy your fun 4th of July Fireworks decoration!

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