DIY Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns (Mason Jar Crafts)

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Mason Jar Lanterns

You can create these festive patriotic mason jar lanterns to illuminate your Memorial Day or 4th of July cookout. I love the look of glowing accents at BBQs. It adds a fun party atmosphere to any gathering. You can also use these jars as flower vases to accent your table. These are super fun to make and is also a great crafts that kids of all ages can enjoy. You can use mason jars or raid your recycle bin to reuse glass jars to recreate this design. I typically like to use different size and heights of jars to make the display more interesting. You will need to make these a few days before your event to allow time for the paint to dry.

Click here to watch my 4th of July TV segment where I show how to make these mason jar lanterns.

Materials Needed for the Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

  • Mason Jars or Reused Jars
  • Red, White and Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Battery Operated Lights

Instructions for the Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns


  1. Wash and dry the mason jars.
  2. Pour a small amount of paint into the mason jar and let it drip down the sides.
  3. Swirl the paint around the jar. Add more paint if needed.
  4. Add each color individually so they do not mix and change the red, white and blue theme.
  5. Place the jar upside down to drain the excess paint.
  6. Let dry upright and fill with battery operated lights.



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