Tissue Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

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Tissue Paper GIft Wrap

Have you ever wondered if gifts can be wrapped with tissue paper? The answer is yes! Tissue paper can be used to create a fun, beautiful, or elegant gift wrap that can look even more special than traditional wrapping paper. There are so many unique and interesting tissue paper designs, colors, and textures that can elevate an ordinary gift wrap into something spectacular. Tissue paper is also great to use if you have run out of wrapping paper or don’t have a style of wrapping paper that suits the occasion. One thing I love to do is reuse worn wrapping from gift bags. Here are some of my tissue paper gift wrap ideas.

Here are a few helpful tips that I have learned when creating Tissue Paper Gift Wrap.

  1. Use craft glue to secure the paper rather than tape. Tape is very unforgiving with tissue paper. If you need to readjust the paper, it will result in a tear.
  2. Depending on how thick the tissue paper is, use a double layer of tissue paper so the gift being wrap will not show through.
  3. If you are using reused tissue, try crumbling it into a ball and smoothing it out to give it a textured look.

Instructions for Textured Tissue Paper Gift Wrap using Reused Gold Tissue

Crinkled tissue paper creates unique and elegant gift wrap. Holiday accents and mini ornaments complete this festive gift.

Difficulty Easy


  • Gold tissue paper with a sheen
  • 1-1/2 inch-wide holiday ribbon
  • 1/4 inch-wide holiday ribbon
  • Glittery leaves cut from holiday picks
  • Mini Ornaments
  • Craft Glue


  • For the textured look, crumbled two sheets of tissue paper into a ball and smooth it out with your hands.
  • Cut two pieces of the crinkled tissue paper the size needed to wrap the gift.
  • Wrap the gifts in the doubled textured tissue.

  • Cut a piece of the 1-1/2 inch ribbon the length to wrap around the gifts plus 1 inch.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the gift, overlapping the ends on the back of the gift.
  • Secure the ends with craft glue.
  • Cut a piece of the ¼ inch ribbon long enough to wrap around the box plus 15 inches. Wrap the ribbon around the box over the 1-1/2 inch ribbon and tie a bow.

  • Cut leaves from the holiday pick and glue them and the mini ornament on top of the bow with craft glue.

Tissue Paper Gift Wrap

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