Tissue Box Stockings

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I love the look of Christmas stockings. They add a warm festive touch to holiday decorations. As much as I love them, I have never cared for the way they look when they are full. They get all lumpy and lose their stocking shape. I came up with a solution to the warped stocking look. Anyone familiar with my designs knows about my love for reusing household items. I decided to use my empty tissue boxes to make fun stockings that can sit on a shelf or mantel and will still look pristine when filled with candy and gifts. Here I am showing them sitting on some candlesticks.

I cut top of the box in a rectangle shape and left a 1/2 inch border on the sides and 1-1/2 inch border in the front. I punched holes out in the wide part of the border so I can poke some candy canes through. I then painted the boxes with acrylic paint to match the color stocking I am going to attach.

The gold stocking is a brocade fabric that I stiffened with sturdy iron-on interfacing. I glued cord, a sequence strip and fringe to give the stocking fancy embellishments. The red one was very easy because I used glittery gold stiff felt and outlined the shape with glitter glue. I bought a furry border and bells and attached them to the stocking with craft glue.

Once the stockings are dry, just glue them to the front of the box on the side with the wider border and holes. Add some candy canes and put them on your mantle. This is a really easy and fun project that kids would love to create.


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