Gift Card Baby Gift Wrap Design

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baby gift wrapIn honor of the newborn princess, I thought it would be fun to post some of my baby gift wrap designs. I have incorporated the gift wrapping and card all in one. The card creates a decorative centerpiece for the gift wrap and can easily be removed as a keepsake. This also solves the problem of a lost card and not knowing who gave the gift. This is a design I created for Scotch Brand.  The colors and patterns can be changed to suite the new little prince or princess in your life.

Instructions to make the Baby Gift Card design can be found here.


This cute gift bag uses scrapbooking paper and ribbon to create the gift card. This bag is so cute it can be saved to hold newborn baby memories and keepsakes.


A  wrapped gift uses a gift card as the decorating. Hidden Velcro under the bow holds the card closed.

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