Gift Wrap using Recycled Materials

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It is so close to Christmas and I have not wrapped all of my gifts yet. Most of the people I know wait until Christmas Eve to wrap and realize they ran out of paper or don’t want to wrap gifts in the same paper from last year. One thing I like to do is use household and recycled items to create beautiful gifts. Gift wrapping using recycled materials can create inexpensive and unique gift wrap designs.  Reusing is also great if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds just to get wrapping paper.

Here are some of my ideas for reusing what you already have to create elegant and unique gifts.

Reused Tissue Wrap

You can use worn tissue paper and wrapping paper scraps to make beautiful gift wrap and gift bags. Wrap a gift in double layered tissue paper that has been crumpled into a ball and smoothed out so it has a uniform wrinkled look. Use small pieces of reused or leftover paper and ribbon to create ornament shapes to embellish the top of the gift.

Here on instructions on how to make this design

Extra Button Wrap

Use extra buttons that you have no idea what they belong to create a fun, whimsical gift wrap design.  I wrapped these gifts in double-layered crinkled tissue, threaded the buttons onto textured yarn and wound the yarn around the box in a random pattern.  I tied the yarn in a double knot on the back of the box to secure. You can also attach the buttons onto the gift with craft glue.
Bubble Wrap
With all of the online shopping around the holidays, there is sure to be an few pieces of bubble wrap that can be used to create this design. Cut slits in the underside of the bubble wrap and insert mints inside to create a fun and edible look .
Snow flakes shapes are cut from a plastic bag to create an icy look. Apply glue only to the center of the snowflake and attach it to a box wrapped in double layer crinkled tissue paper. Accent the snowflakes with glitter glue to complete the winter theme.
Envelope Wrap
A colored plastic bag and recycled paper are used to create stylish envelope wraps. Yarn is wrapped around the gift to secure — extra buttons and small river rocks accent the gift. This eco-friendly gift wrap is perfect for small items and gift cards.

Starbucks Wrap

This gift wrap design is made entirely out of a Starbucks bag and a coffee sleeve. The ribbon is an unraveled handle from the shopping bag and the flower is cut from the coffee sleeve. I love the textures on this gift —  it makes such an interesting look.

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2 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love these ideas! Especially the plastic wrap box!

  2. Gina says:

    Thank you. I love creating with reused items. The plastic wrap box is also one of my favorites.