Cheap and Easy DIY Brown Paper Bag Tree Craft (Paper Lunch Bag Tree)

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a paper tree made from a brown paper bag and green flowers

DIY Paper Bag Tree

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY paper bag tree craft that makes a stunning decoration! This brown paper bag tree craft is cheap and easy to make from reused and inexpensive supplies. This could also be named a paper lunch bag tree because the bag used to pack a lunch can be repurposed into this amazing craft project. This is a great project to do with kids to show them how to recycle items to make a fun spring craft.

This stunning spring design is made from a brown paper bag where the top was cut into strips and twisted to make branches, a paper roll for the base, stones gathered from outside, white school glue, and assorted fake branches and flowers. This project can be made with reused and leftover items. Add green LED lights to make a perfect St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

The artificial flowers can be replaced with reused easy to make DIY tissue paper flowers see here on How to Make a Cherry Blossom Tree.

DIY Cherry Blossom Tree made from brances and tissue paper

DIY Cherry Blossom Tree



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How to Make a Paper Bag Tree

  • Place a paper towel roll in a brown paper bag  and twist the bag around the paper towel roll. Fill the paper towel roll with rocks to weigh it down.
  • Cut the top part of the bag above the paper towel tube into 3 inch wide strips and twist them to form branches.
  • Create more branches from strips cut from another paper bag and glue the on the base if you want a fuller tree.
  • Use the hot glue gun and attach it to the wooden base to secure the tree.


  • Paint the entire tree with with white glue and let dry. This will harden the paper and make the tree more stable.

Paper Bag Tree

  • Glue plastic branches to the center of the tree where the paper branches meet the trunk to create a full, vibrant tree.
  • Glue sheets of moss to the wooden base and add rocks where the moss meets the tree to hide the seams.

a paper tree made from a brown paper bag and green flowers

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