Easy Tissue Box American Flag Lanterns

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American Flag LanternAs some of you may already know,  I love to reuse and repurpose items when I create my designs. These easy to create tissue box American Flag lanterns are no exception. These will add a fun and festive patriotic flair to your 4th of July party or BBQ and you may already have everything you need in your house. Just add battery operated lights and you will have a whimsical 4th of July decoration.


  • Empty Tissue Boxes
  • Red and Blue Acrylic Paint
  • White Parchement Paper or Vellum
  • White Flameless tea lights or flameless wax candles


1. Cut out a star shape in the front of one of the tissue boxes. The hole should be on the bottom of the box to be placed over a candle.

2. Cut out two evenly spaced stripes on the front of a tissue box with the hole being the bottom of the box.

3. Paint the star box blue and the striped box red let dry.

4. Cut a  piece of white parchement paper or vellum to the size of the inside front of the box.

5. Tape the vellum over the the cutout shape on the inside of the box.

6. Place a flameless candle or fairy lights inside the box to illuminate the cutout shape.


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