How to Make a DIY Cherry Blossom Tree (Spring Crafts)

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Cherry Blossom

Growing up in the DC area, the beautiful cherry blossom tree has always been something I looked forward to in Spring. The street where I lived there was lined with cherry blossom trees on each side of the entire street. The flowers would blow off the tree and the street and the grass would be covered with pale, pink blossom petals.

The gorgeous flowers do not last long. They are only in bloom for about two weeks and with the unpredictable DC area weather, they could either be delayed or the blossom time could be shortened from freezing conditions or cold gusts of wind. The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC starts at the end of March through the beginning of April but the weather and the blossoms don’t always cooperate.

I decided to make DIY Cherry Blossom tree and DIY Cherry Blossoms to create a beautiful Spring decoration. This is an easy and fun spring craft to make using inexpensive items and natural elements. Now that I know how to make a Cherry Blossom tree, I can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms regardless even if they are not in bloom.

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Materials for the Cherry Blossom Tree

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How to Make a DIY Cherry Blossom Tree

DIY Cherry Blossom

  • Cut flower shapes out of white tissue paper.
  • Lightly paint the flower with pink acrylic paint, leaving the center white. The paint dries very quickly and naturally curls the petals.

DIY Cherry Blossoms

  • Glue flowers to a natural branch.
  • Add some craft glue to the center of the flower and add small beads. Let dry.

DIY Tree Trunk

  • Gather branches and bind them together with masking tape.
  • Glue to the Styrofoam base.
  • Paint the masking tape brown and add cream lines to simulate the tree trunk

Yarn Grass

  • Glue strands of yarn to the Styrofoam base to make grass.

DIY Cherry Blossom Tree

  • Glue more flowers on the tree and add artificial spring flower branches if desired to give it a fuller look.

Now you know how to make a cherry blossom tree, you can always enjoy this beautiful spring decor even when they are not in bloom.

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