DIY Halloween Eyeball Flowers Made From Water Bottles (DIY Halloween Decorations)

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DIY Halloween Eyeball Flowers

Learn how to make DIY Halloween Eyeball Flowers from water bottles for one of your DIY Halloween Decorations. These creepy eyeball flowers add an ominous charm to your Halloween decor. They are quick and easy to make using empty water bottles, Styrofoam balls and craft paint. 

DIY Eyeball Halloween Decorations are some of the creepiest Halloween decor you can make. Something is unnerving about nonblinking, bloodshot eyes staring at you, even if you know they are fake. Having them nestled inside deep red flowers makes them look even more sinister and creepy.

These eyeball flowers are created from reused water bottles that are attached to plastic stems. Twigs and branches are painted black to add to the Halloween decor. Black leaves purchased from the dollar store are also added to the spooky arrangement. The Halloween Eyeball Flowers bouquet is displayed in a black vase to add to the mysterious theme. An ordinary vase can be painted black.

This DIY Halloween Eyeball Flowers Decoration would look great next to these DIY super cute Halloween Lanterns to offset some of the creepiness. To add to the eeriness of the Halloween Eyeball Decorations, both the Creepy Fireplace and Halloween Candles would be a nice addition to the DIY Halloween Decorations.

Here is my video on how to make the DIY Halloween Eyeball Flowers. I show step-by-step instructions on how to make these Eyeball Flowers using water bottles.

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Materials to Make the DIY Eyeball Flowers

  • Empty Water Bottles
  • Red Spray Paint or Red Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint
  • Black Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint
  • Small Styrofoam Balls
  • Red, Black and Green Permanent Markers
  • Wood Skewers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Vase, Floral Foam, Twigs and Black and Red Flowers

How to Make DIY Halloween Eyeball Decorations

Step 1: Cut the top off of a water bottle.

Step 2: Cut the bottle into four equal petals and bend out.

Step 3: Trim the straight edges of the petals into curved edges to simulate the flower petals.

Step 4: Paint the Water Bottle Flowers with red acrylic paint or red spray paint. Paint two coats if needed and let dry.

Step 5: Cut petals off of flower one of the painted flowers and glue it onto a different flower to give it a fuller look turn it into an eight-petal flower. I show how to do this here – Cut and Glue petals to the Water Bottle Flower.
Step 6: Dry brush the flower with black acrylic paint. To dry brush, use a clean brush, dip it in a small amount of paint and wipe most of it off on a piece of paper. Paint the remaining paint onto the flowers around the center and edges of the petals to give them an aged look. I show how to do this here – Dry Brush Eyeball Flowers.
Step 6: Using permanent markers, draw the iris, pupil and red veins on the Styrofoam ball. I used a bottle cap to hold the ball while I was drawing the eye.

Step 7: Using a hot glue gun, attach the eyeballs to the center of the flowers.

Step 8: Glue skewers to the back of the eyeball flowers and arrange them into a vase. Decorative branches painted black, black leaves and red roses can be added to the Halloween centerpiece to enhance the dramatic, creepy display.

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