DIY Halloween Decorations – Creepy Fireplace

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DIY Halloween Decorations - Creepy Fireplace

DIY Creepy FIreplace

Learn how to create this indoor, DIY Halloween decoration creepy fireplace. It is unbelievable that you can make something incredible using household items. This Halloween Fireplace DIY is made from tissue boxes and inexpensive things from the craft store and is easier to make than it looks. It is not a full-sized working Halloween Fireplace but a fun and spooky Halloween decoration. This completed version measure is 23 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

I love creating Halloween decorations that are illuminated with battery-operated lights. Lights make the decoration come alive and give it added interest. This one one of the reasons I created this Halloween fireplace DIY. A dimly lit room, decorated with Halloween props looks more ominous with a creepy fireplace flickering in the background.

This creepy Halloween fireplace would be perfect for a Haunted House or a Halloween Party. It would look amazing with this DIY Halloween Grandfather Clock Decoration. This grandfather clock is also made with household items and inexpensive things from the craft store and uses some of the same reused items as the DIY Halloween fireplace.

This DIY Halloween fireplace decor looks so good that people will be amazed that it is a not real. It makes a great conversation piece when everyone asked how it was made.

Here is a step-by-step video showing how to make my DIY Halloween creepy fireplace and my DIY Halloween Grandfather clock. Once you see how this fireplace is created, it can be accented with accessories for every season!

Below are instructions on how to make the Creepy Halloween Fireplace.

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Materials to make this DIY Halloween Decoration – Creepy Fireplace

  • 6 Empty Tissue Boxes
  • Freezer Paper Box or Long Box
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (warm white, brown and black for the fireplace and yellow and red for the flame)
  • Twigs
  • Skeleton, Skulls and Skeleton Hands
  • Orange Cardstock
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Tissue Paper
  • Branch for Inside the Fireplace
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Red LED Lights

How to Make the DIY Creepy Halloween Fireplace

  •  Stack tissue boxes and freezer paper to make the fireplace structure as shown. Secure with hot glue.

  • Cut two pieces of cardboard in a creepy shape. These will be placed on each side of the fireplace opening.
  • Draw lines onto the cardboard pieces to make a scary, vein look.

  •  Using a hot glue gun, draw hot glue lines over the pencil drawing and let dry.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the freezer paper box and glue it to the front of the freezer paper box.
  • Glue the creepy cutouts onto either side of the top part of the fireplace opening.

  • Paint the fireplace with warm white acrylic paint. Lightly brush with brown and black to give it an aged look.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the back of the fireplace and paint it black.
  • Measure the bottom of the fireplace and cut a piece of cardboard to make the base. Paint with warm white paint and brush with brown and black to match the sides of the fireplace.
  • Attach the black piece cardboard to the back of the fireplace and the base of the fireplace with hot glue.
  • Hot glue skeletons, skull, skeleton hands and twigs to the front of the fireplace. The accents can be painted with the off white acrylic paint brushed with brown and black paint to match the fireplace.

  • Cut an abstract flame shape out of the cardstock.
  • Paint the flame orange, yellow and red.

  • Glue the flame shape to the back of the fireplace.
  • Glue strips of red, orange and yellow tissue paper inside the fireplace to simulate fire.
  • Attach a wood branch on top of the tissue paper.
  • Add red LED lights to make your DIY Creepy Halloween Fireplace come alive.

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