Mardi Gras Comedy and Tragedy Masks DIY from Tissue Boxes

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comedy and tragedy masks DIY

Mardi Gras decorations are one of my favorite party themes to create. I  love the vibrant colors and festive designs. I created Mardi Gras Comedy and Tragedy Masks DIY from reused tissue boxes and inexpensive things from the craft store. This festive Mardi Gras party decoration would make a great centerpiece. Right click the image to save the Free Tissue Box Comedy and Tragedy Mask Pattern.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks Pattern

Materials for the Comedy and Tragedy Masks DIY

  • Empty Cube Tissue Boxes – Plastic Removed
  • Comedy and Tragedy Pattern Above
  • Purple, Green and Black Acrylic Paint
  • Gold, Green and Purple Glitter Craft Foam Sheets
  • Four Bells
  • Craft Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flameless Candles (Optional)

Instructions for the Comedy and Tragedy Masks DIY

Comedy and Tragedy Masks pattern

  • Remove the plastic from the tissue box opening.
  • Print the Comedy and Tragedy Masks pattern.
  • Cut it in half and glue it to the front of each tissue box. The opening of the tissue box should be on the top.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

  • On one box, paint one half of the mask box green and the other half purple.
  • Reverse the colors on the other box as shown above.
  • Paint the eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows black.
  • Cut out four small triangles out of the gold glitter craft foam for the comedy mask and a tear drop  for the tragedy mask.
  • Attach to the masks with craft glue.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks Jester

  • Draw the Jester hat on purple and green craft foam and cut out
  • Glue bells to the end with a hot glue gun.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

  • Glue the Jester hat to the top front of the tissue box.
  • Place a flameless candle inside the opening to complete your fun and festive Mardi Gras Comedy and Tragedy Mask decoration.

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