How to Make a Fall Candle Ring (Dollar Tree DIY)

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DIY Fall Candle Ring

Learn how to make a fall candle ring out of Dollar Tree flowers, leaves and 2 household items. I love creating fall and Thanksgiving decorations because of the warmth of the beautiful amber and gold tones. An easy way to dress up your home with fall decor is DIY fall candle rings using flameless candles and your existing candle holders.

I used to light a wax candle for my decorations but now with so many options for flameless candles, I prefer to use battery-operated Flameless Candles for my decorations. The candles I like to use have dancing or moving flames so they look like they are lit. Many of them come with a remote or timer so they turn on at a designated time and shut off on their own.

One issue I had was that some of my candle holders have a metal safety spike on them for wax candles. The candle holder spike is used to stick into the wax candle so it sits securely on the candle holder for safety when it is lit. My flameless candles have a flat, plastic bottom where the battery compartment is located. This makes it so the flameless candle can not sit flat on the candle holder.

Candle Holder with Spike

Candle Holder with Spike

I decided to create a solution to this problem so not only could I make a beautiful Fall DIY Candle Ring, but I could still use my existing candle holders with a spike. I created a cheap and easy way to make a fall candle ring that sits securely on the candle holder with the metal spike.

This DIY Candle Ring technique I created works on all types of candle holders and can all be used as a DIY Candle ring centerpiece. This can also be used to make DIY Candle Rings for a Christmas decoration or any other holiday or event.

This candle holder design should only be used with Flameless battery-operated candles and not candles where there is an open flame.

DIY Fall Candle Ring Centerpiece

DIY Fall Candle Ring Centerpiece

I made another version of my DIY candle rings using a different technique for my DIY Halloween candle holder design. For this design the DIY candle ring base uses a paper plate and Halloween flowers from Dollar Tree.

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DIY Halloween Candle Ring

DIY Halloween Candle Ring using Dollar Tree Items

It is amazing how inexpensive and simple it is to make a fall candle ring for battery-operated pillar candles using my method using just 2 household items.


DIY Fall Candle Ring Dollar Tree Leaves

DIY Fall Candle Ring Dollar Tree Leaves

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How to Make a Fall Candle Ring

Cardboard circles for DIY Candle Ring
Step 1: To make the candle ring base, cut a circle out of sturdy cardboard about the size of the candle holder. Place the cardboard circle onto the candle holder with the metal spike and press down to make a hole for the spike in the candle ring base. This will help secure the candle ring when it is sitting on the candle base.

Step 2: Cut a 1″ piece of paper towel roll.

Cardboard DIY candle ring base

Step 3: Using craft glue, attach the paper 1″ paper towel tube to the center of the cardboard circle.

DIY Candle Ring glue leaves to base

Step 4: Using a hot glue gun, attach leaves around the rim of the cardboard circle.  The leaves should hang over the side of the cardboard circle of the candle ring base so it looks as though the leaves are flowing over the side of the candle holder.

DIY Candle ring centerpiece attaching fall leaves to the base

Step 5: Continue gluing leaves to the candle ring base until all the gaps are filled in and the cardboard base is not showing through.

DIY Candle Ring Centerpiece with fall flowers and leaves
DIY Candle Ring Centerpiece on a candle holder

Step 6: Glue fall flowers, faux berries and gourds around the candle ring centerpiece to accent the leaves to complete the beautiful DIY Fall Candle Ring and Centerpiece.

Place the Candle Ring on a candle holder to see how the leaves are draping and the completed design looks to see if it needs adjustment.

DIY Fall Candle Rings

Place the candle ring on a candle holder and place the Flameless Candle on the base.  The metal spike on the candle holder will pierce through the cardboard base and hold the candle ring in place.

This DIY Fall Candle Ring can be used on any type of candle holder even if it doesn’t have a metal spike.

It could also be used without a candle holder and placed on a table as a  beautiful fall Candle Ring Centerpiece.

This candle holder design should only be used with Flameless battery-operated candles and not candles where there is an open flame.


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