How to Make a DIY Crystal Ball and Base (Dollar Store DIY)

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Skelleton hands holding a glowing purple crystal ball in a stand

How to Make a Glowing Crystal Ball

A glowing DIY Crystal Ball is a Halloween Decoration I have been wanting to make to add to my Halloween craft ideas. Ever since I went to the Haunted Mansion in Disney World (which I love), it made me realize that my Haunted House props would not be complete without a spooky fake crystal ball.

A few years ago I put together a fortune teller costume for the play Aladdin and I quickly made a crystal ball prop to accent the attire. I bought a plastic ball ornament at the craft store that opens up, filled it with fiberfill and added a color-changing tea light inside. The glowing orb looked amazing on stage and added the fortune teller’s mystic.

Since then I wanted to make a DIY Crystal Ball for Halloween but I wanted to make DIY Crystal Ball base that would be inexpensive to make and could easily be recreated.I didn’t want to make a base until I was happy with the DIY Crystal Ball Stand idea. I had already made the crystal ball before and knew exactly how I was going to make it but I wanted to have the correct image of the base in my mind before I started. It needed to look like an intricate antique, aged metal base to give it the full effect.

Click the video below to watch how I made the Mystical DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Decoration

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I was getting ready for my Halloween TV segment at WBAL in early October and I went into Dollar Tree to get a skeleton hand for my DIY Wraith Decoration  when the crystal ball base idea popped into my head. I was going to use two Dollar Tree Skeleton hands to make a creepy base for my crystal ball as if the hands were holding the mysterious, glowing ball.

DIY Wraith with Dollar Tree Skeleton Hand

Here is a link to my Halloween TV segment where I showed how to make my DIY Crystal Ball and crystal ball stand.  Click here to watch the video.


  • Plastic Ball Ornament that opens
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Color Changing Tea Light
  • 2 Skeleton Hands (Dollar Tree)
  • Halloween Rings (Dollar Tree)
  • Large Paper Tube (I used an empty ribbon spool but any tube will work – oatmeal or salt cylinder)
  • Ribbon, Halloween Rings, Beads or any accents
  • Gold and Black Acrylic Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make the DIY Crystal Ball and Base

  • If you do not have a cardboard ribbon spool like this one, cut a cardboard tube the size need for the base.
  • Paint the tube in metallic gold acrylic paint and let dry.
  • Glue ribbon and accents onto the tube.
  • Paint all of the accents gold and let dry.

  • Dry brush the base with black paint.
  • To dry brush, add a small amount of paint to the brush and lightly paint the base. Add more paint to the crevices to make it look aged.

  • Paint the tips of the skeleton hands black to look like long, creepy nails and let dry.

  • Paint the Dollar Tree Halloween rings gold and let dry.

  • Put the rings on the skeleton hands and hot glue to secure and keep them in place.

  • Using a hot glue gun attach the skeleton hands to the base to secure. Use a generous amount of hot glue so the hands are firmly in place.

  • Glue a small piece of craft foam or cushioned tape the palms of the hands where the crystal ball would sit so it will not slide out.
  • Fill the crystal ball with fiberfill and add a multi-color tea light.

Now you have an ominous, glowing crystal ball Halloween decoration that would be a great Halloween prop for a Haunted House or a Halloween Party Decoration.

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