DIY Spooky Tree (How to Make Spooky Halloween Trees)

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Cardboard and paper spooky tree with creepy face in the woods with fall leaves

DIY Spooky Tree

Here is a DIY Spooky Tree I created as one of my Halloween decorations. I love the look of trees as they transition into fall so thought it would be fun to create a creepy Halloween tree. Even though he has a scary face, I think he came out kind of cute.

He is easy and very inexpensive to create. I used recycled items and things I had around the house. The only materials I had to buy were LED lights for the inside of the stump. The trunk is made from an oatmeal container, the branches from twisted brown paper bags and the bark texture is crumbled tissue paper painted with a solution of white glue and water. I also used thin wire to position the branches. It is a paper and wire Halloween Tree.

Download my printable pattern for the spooky tree creepy face.

Here is video showing how I made the DIY Creepy Tree.

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Here is how to make a spooky tree (Step-by-Step Instructions)



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How to Make Spooky Halloween Trees:



  • Cut out the face with a craft knife.


  • Twist pieces of brown packing paper or a paper bag to make the branches and arms. Add pieces of wire in the arms and branches to give them a good shape. Attach to the oatmeal container with craft glue.


  • Glue the oatmeal container to a cardboard base and add twisted pieces of paper to the base to form roots. Attach strips of tissue to the container using white glue.


  • Paint the entire tree with white glue and let dry…this will secure everything and keep the branches from unraveling. Glue twigs to the end of the branches to give the tree a more lifelike look.
  • Paint the tree with different colors of brown to make it look like bark and paint the inside yellow.evil-tree-eyes
  • Glue leaves and moss around the base and fill with lights.



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