DIY Easter Pail From Reused Items

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Easter Pail

It’s almost Spring and with Easter not far away, it is time to start thinking about Easter baskets ideas. There are many different ways to make a stylish Easter basket but this DIY Easter pail is made from reused items, is super cute, and not only can it be used as a decorative Easter basket, but it can also be used in place of a gift bag or a hostess gift. I also like that can be used to hold flowers or loose items. This design is the spring version of my DIY decorative pail.

Easter Pail Materials

  • 1 28oz metal can – paper removed and cleaned
  • White spray paint
  • Pink felt
  • Easter flower ornaments
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Thin green satin ribbon
  • 1 metal handle from a take-out container
  • Wine cork
  • Pink Shredded Paper

How to make the DIY Easter Pail

Easter Pail DIY

  • Press together the top of the can with your hands to make the top into an oval shape.
  • Draw marks on opposite sides of the can, about ¼ inch from the top, where the handle will be inserted.
  • Place the can on a hard surface and hammer a nail into each of the marked areas to make a hole.
  • Spray paint the can and cork white. Let dry.

Easter Pail DIY

  • Cut a piece of the patterned and green ribbon the length to wrap around the can plus 1/2 inch for overlap. Attach it to the top rim of the can with craft glue.

Easter Pail DIY

  • Attach small pieces of ribbon to the to the center front of the can to make the flower stems.
  • With pliers, straighten the hook ends of the handle and insert the ends into the holes in the can. Bend the hooks back in to secure.

Easter Pail

  • Make a cut in one long side of the cork and slide it onto the handle. Use craft glue to secure it in place and fill in the cut side with glue.
  • Attach the flower ornaments to the top of the stems with craft glue. Make loops with small pieces of ribbon to make the leaves and attach with craft glue.

Easter pail felt bottom

  • Trace the bottom of the can onto the felt and cut out. Glue to the bottom of the can with craft glue.

Easte pail

  • Fill the can with shredded tissue to complete your Easter Pail.

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