Beautiful DIY Easter Wreath With Real Eggshells

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DIY Easter Wreath

Here is an easy to create DIY Easter wreath using household items and inexpensive things from the craft or dollar store. I love to reuse items to create my designs whenever I can because it is less expensive and I think it makes things more interesting. For this Easter wreath, I cut out a Styrofoam circle from a piece I had from a shipping box and used real eggshells from blown-out eggs. It looks natural and beautiful and so different from an Easter wreath you can buy in the store. It also looks like a beautiful Easter wreath you would buy at a high-end store for a fraction of the cost.

It is easy to blow out eggs for your DIY Easter wreath. As I child I have memories of blowing out the eggs before we decorated them so we could save the inside. We poked holes on each end of the egg blew on it until all of the egg mixture was out of the shell. I never liked doing it but since I still wanted to incorporate real eggs into my Easter decorations, I needed to find another option.

how to blow out a egg

I had an idea to try a different method of extracting the egg from the shell using a straw. I carefully poked a hole on each end of the egg with a sharp, pointed instrument such as a tack or pin until I broke through the inner membrane. To make it easier to poke a hole into the egg, you can file down the ends of the egg with a nail file until the membrane is exposed then pole a hole into the egg. The holes had to be large enough to insert a straw so I moved the pin around the enlarge the hole. I folded the end of the straw in half to fit into the hole. The hole on the other end without the straw needed to be a slightly larger size than the one with the straw inserted otherwise the egg would come out of the top instead of the bottom. I held the egg over a container and blew into the straw to remove the egg from the shell. I washed the inside of the egg with warm, soapy water and shook the water out of the inside of the egg. This method worked perfectly and I was ready to decorate my newly empty eggshells. I prefer my new method to the one I did when was growing up. It is much easier and not as messy.

You can watch me show how to make this beautiful DIY Easter Wreath on my Easter TV segment at News Chanel 8.

Another fun Easter Decoration that uses real eggshells is this DIY Bird’s Nest Centerpiece and DIY Easter Chicks gift wrap design that is accented with real eggshells.

For this DIY Easter wreath design, I painted the blown-out eggs with a crackle paint finish.

DIY Easter Wreath with Eggs

Here’s how to make my DIY Easter Wreath.

Materials for the DIY Easter Wreath:

  • Large Piece of Styrofoam
  • White Glue
  • Green Paint
  • Moss
  • Flowers and Leaves
  • Ribbon
  • Two Blown out Eggs
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to Make the DIY Easter Wreath:

  • Draw two circles on to Styrofoam as shown above.

  • Cut out the outer and inner circle with a craft knife.

  • Paint the edges of the inner and outer edges of the circle with white glue to seal. Small pieces of the Styrofoam may come come off of the cut edges if it is not sealed.

  • Paint the circle green with acrylic paint. A foam brush works nicely on the Styrofoam.

DIY Easter Wreath

  • Break up pieces of moss and glue onto the top of the circle.

DIY Easter Wreath

  • Arrange leaves onto the moss and attach them with a hot glue gun.

DIY Easter Wreath

  • Arrange flowers on the wreath and attach with hot glue.

DIY Easter Wreath

  • Attach eggs, ribbon and a bow with a hot glue gun. Here is my Easter wreath on display at an Easter TV segment from WBAL, NBC affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland.

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