Easy DIY Mini Faux Fireplace

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I love the look of a fireplace during the Holidays. It adds a warm and cozy charm to any room especially if it is decorated with garland, lights and filled with flameless candles. Even if you already have a fireplace in your living room, this mini faux fireplace makes a great addition to any room. It looks so real, your friends and family will have to look at it twice. It is made from all recycled materials and it is very easy to create. You can add your holiday decorations to make it your style. If you would like to create a larger fireplace, use the same techniques in my video but use a larger box and more pasta boxes.

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  • Large Cardboard box
  • Empty Spaghetti Pasta Boxes
  • Extra Cardboard Pieces
  • Decorative Buttons
  • Wood Stirrers
  • Acylic Paint
  • Brick Scrapbooking Paper
  • Garland
  • Ornaments, Poinsettias and Pine cones
  • Battery LED String Lights
  • Moving Wick Flameless Candles
  • Red Stiff Felt
  • White Fluffy Trim
  • Faux Fur Piece
  • White Glue
  • Glue Gun



  • Turn the box on its side. Lay on side of the flap down to create the front floor of the fire place.
  • With a glue gun, attach the back flaps together to make a solid back of the fireplace.
  • Cut the sides and top of the fireplace opening the size of the spaghetti boxes.
  • With a glue gun, glue the flaps in place as shown above.


  • Seal the open end of the pasta boxes and glue them on the sides and top of the fireplace opening.


  • Fill in the gap with hot glue to secure and to close the seams


  • Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the top and attach to form the mantle.
  • Glue wood stirrers, cardboard and button accents to the front of the fireplace.


  • Draw a stocking shape out of paper. Cut out the stocking out of stiff red felt.mini-stockings
  • Glue a piece of white fluffy trim to the top of the stocking.


  • Paint the fireplace.
  • Glue sheets of brick scrapbooking paper to the inside and front of the fireplace.
  • Glue stockings to the mantle, add garland and rug accents
  • Fill the fireplace with flameless candles and add battery operated string lights to the garland to finish your masterpiece.

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