Charming Planter

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It is almost spring but not quite time to plant flowers in your outdoor garden. We have had 30 degree weather over the last week with an icy wind. It has made me long for the sound of birds tweeting, daffodils in bloom and a warm spring breeze. Since I have to wait for Mother Nature to decide when to grace us with the most colorful time of the year, I can do the next best thing and bring the spring indoors to celebrate the upcoming season. I have created a fashionable planter for my indoor flowers. It can be dressed to match each season or holiday by simply changing the metal charms.


  • Terracotta pot
  • Outdoor craft paint in dark metallic brown
  • Multi-colored brown mosaic tiles
  • Thick brown jute string
  • Metal jewelry charms
  • Scotch® Single-Use Super Glue (for attaching mosaic tiles)
  • Scotch® Quick-Dry Adhesive(for gluing jute string)
  • Scotch® Reclosable Fasteners Black Dots (for attaching charms)



Paint the rim of the terracotta pot in metallic brown paint and let dry.


Attach the mosaic tiles to the center of the painted rim with super glue. Create a repeating pattern of the colors so the tile configuration is consistent on all sides.

Charming-Planter3Cut a piece of the jute string long enough to wrap around the bottom of the pot 5 times.


Apply Quick-Dry Adhesive glue to the bottom of the planter and attach the jute string.  Continue to add glue to bottom of the pot as you continue to wrap the string around the planter. Let dry.


Apply Reclosable Fasteners Dots to the wrong side of each of the charms and also to the front of the pot in the position of where you would like the charms to appear.

Charming-PlanterAttach the charms to the front of the planter. They can be removed and replaced with different charms by adding Reclosable Fasteners Dots to the back of the new charms. There is no need to replace the fasteners attached to the planter.

Now you have a a pretty planter that can be changed to suit whatever season or decor you would like to display.

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