DIY Faux Wax Dripped Bottle

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Wax Dripped Bottle

I have always loved the look of a classic wax dripped Chianti wine bottle as a table decoration for a delicious Italian dinner. I had made one in the past but some of the wax broke off and it no longer looked very charming.  Rather than wait for candle wax to drip in a perfect pattern, I came up with the idea to make a faux version of the classic. With the help of a hot glue gun, twine, acrylic paint and a flameless candle, I created the perfect centerpiece to add the ambiance for any dinner party. No one will ever know that you faked it unless you tell them.

Materials Used for the Faux Dripped Wax Bottle




Step 1: To recreate the Chianti bottle, apply small sections of hot glue around the lower part of the bottle and wrap the twine over the hot glue to attach.

Wax-Bottle3Step 2: Apply hot glue down on the sides of the bottle from the neck down so it looks as if it had dripped down the bottle. Add larger globs of glue in random places to simulate melted wax.

Wax-Bottle2Step 3: Use a small brush and paint the dripped glue with acrylic paint.

Wax-BottleStep 4: Continue to add hot glue to the bottle, painting each drip until the desired result is achieved.

Wax-Dripped-BottleStep 5: Push a flameless wax taper candle into the mouth of the bottle to complete your faux wax dripped centerpiece.

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