Valentine’s Gift Wrap

A wrapped box layered with textured fabric creates an elegant gift wrap design. Silk roses, rhinestones and beads accent the red ribbon to create the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Difficulty – Easy


  • Red wrapping paper
  • Red toned textured fabric (Nylon silky decorator fabric was used)
  • 1 inch-wide red satin wired ribbon
  • 2 fabric red roses with an inch of remaining stem
  • 1 silver colored and crystal jewelry slider, bead or button
  • 2 silver colored beads
  • Small rhinestones
  • Scotch® Ultra Edge Precision Scissors (for cutting fabric and ribbon)
  • Scotch® Paper Cutter (for cutting wrapping paper)
  • Scotch® Double Sided Tape or Scotch® Pop-Up Tape (for wrapping the gift)
  • Scotch®  Quick-Dry Adhesive (for gluing accents 
  • Scotch® Clear Glue


  1. Using Scotch® Paper Cutter, cut a piece of red wrapping paper the size to wrap a gift. Wrap the gift using Scotch® Double Sided Tape.
  2. Cut a piece of red fabric long enough to cover the top and sides of the box and measurement of the top of the box.
  3. Apply Scotch® Clear Glue to the wrong side of the fabric and cover the top and sides of the box.
  4. Using Scotch® Precision Scissors, cut a piece of red ribbon the length to wrap around the box plus 1 inch. Wrap the ribbon around the gift, overlapping the ends on the bottom of the gift. Secure the ends with Scotch® Quick-Dry Adhesive or Scotch® Double Sided Tape.
  5. To make the bow, cut an 18 inch piece of ribbon and create two evenly sized loops with the ends being the same length. Tie the loops together to form a bow. Adjust the loops so they are even with each other. Trim the ends to matching lengths, cutting them at an angle.
  6. Using Scotch®  Quick-Dry Adhesive glue the flower stems to the center of the ribbon. Then glue the ribbon on top of the flower stems and attach the beads and rhinestones onto the ribbon as shown with Scotch® Quick-Dry Adhesive.

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