Minced Words

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You can easily create a custom tailored message in a gift wrap or card. Thoughtful words cut from magazines are sure to touch the heart of your Valentine.



  • Reused White Shopping Bag or white gift wrap
  • Recycled magazines
  • Extra buttons
  • Craft Glue


  1. Wrap a box in reused white paper or white gift wrap
  2. Hand tear two strips of magazine paper the length of the box. One strip should be a solid color and another with all text.
  3. Attach to the left side of the box with craft glue layering the two strips of paper on top of each other so the solid color peeks out under the text strip. Trim any excess around the edges.
  4. Cut words from a magazine that reflect the personality and how you feel about the recipient. Glue the words randomly on the right side of the box.
  5. Cut two thin strips of solid colored paper from a magazine and glue to the center of the box.
  6. To make the bow, cut a piece from the magazine 3/8 inch wide and 5-1/2 inches long. Fold the ends to middle and glue. Apply glue to the inside center and press together to form the bow.
  7. Glue the bow to the front of the box on the ribbon strips and attach the buttons to center of the bow. Let dry.

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