Cheap and Easy DIY Pumpkin Topiary (Dollar Tree Crafts)

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Stacked pumpkin topiary with fall leaves and flowers

Cheap and Easy DIY Pumpkin Topiary (Dollar Tree Crafts)

Learn how to make my cheap and easy fall DIY Pumpkin Topiary. I reused things I had around the house, purchased pumpkins and flowers from Dollar Tree, and used inexpensive paint from the craft store. This fall Dollar Tree craft came out beautiful!

The base pedestal is made from household items and painted with metallic bronze spray paint to give it a rustic look. There are a lot of reused items that can be used to create this design. I used a paper plate, plastic bowl, a paper tube (salt container) and wood stir sticks.

Because of the materials used, I only put it outside temporarily and keep it protected inside for a festive, indoor fall decoration. This is a small topiary that measures about 23 inches tall. It’s perfect next to a fireplace, a side table, or anywhere else you would like a beautiful fall decoration.

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Materials to make the DIY Pumpkin Topiary

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How to Make the DIY Pumpkin Topiary and DIY Pedestal

  • Arrange the plate, bowl, cylinder, and bowl together as shown.
  • Hot glue them together.

  • Remove the wrapping on the salt container.

  • Glue wood stirrers around the cylinder as shown.

  • Paint with copper paint.

  • Fill the top bowl with floral foam and arrange the Dollar Tree fall flowers and leaves.

  • Remove the stem from two pumpkins.
  • Paint the pumpkins and glue together with the stem on the top pumpkin.
Three pumpkin topiary with metalic pumpkins and pedestal and autom flowers and leaves

Cheap and Easy DIY Pumpkin Topiary

  • Glue the pumpkins to the top of the floral foam to complete your beautiful, fall DIY Pumpkin Topiary.

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