Cut the Rope – Create an Om Nom Figure

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Cut the Rope

My kids have really been into the Cut the Rope app since I got my new smart phone. They love the little Om Nom character so much that I thought I would buy them some figures. There are so many video game and movie toys in the stores right now but I have not yet seen Om Nom. I decided to make one out of clay.

Ever since I was a child, l loved creating items out of clay. You can mold and form art in a way that is not comparable to any other type of medium. I find it very relaxing to sit with a lump of cold clay in my hand and sculpt it into something amazing. I am really like my little Om Nom turned out and it inspired me to incorporate clay into some of my designs. I used air dry clay and acrylic paint and that’s all.

Cut the Rope – Om Nom Materials


  • Crayola Air Dry Clay
  • Green Acrylic Paint three different colors
  • Water
  • Toothpicks
  • Paint Brush

Cut the Rope – Om Nom Instructions


Use a piece of clay the size you would like for your Om Nom figure. Warm the clay in your hands and shape the body. Add small pieces of clay to make the antenna, eyes and teeth. I made the eyes separtely and attached them to the body.



Make a crease for the mouth with a toothpick and attach the teeth. Add a little water to the teeth to make them stick.


Paint Om Nom different shades of green, the eyes and teeth white and add a black pupils to the eyes. He is super cute and my kids love him!

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