Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Candle Rings (Dollar Tree Crafts)

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I have always wanted to make DIY Halloween Candle Rings to add them to my Haunted House Decor or to decorate a fun and spooky Halloween party. I have made Halloween candle decorations like my paper towel roll dripping candles and my Day of the Dead candle holders but I haven’t shown how to make a candle ring for Halloween. The Halloween candle rings and so cheap and easy to make for only a few dollars.

This candle holder design should only be used with Flameless battery-operated candles and not candles where there is an open flame.

DIY Halloween Candles from Paper Towel Rolls

DIY Paper Towel Roll Candles

DIY Day of the Dead Candle Holders from Tissue Boxes

My favorite candles to use are the battery-operated flameless candles with a moving wick. They look so real and some of them come with a remote and timer which I love. I don’t even have to think about turning them on and off, they automatically start at a certain time of day and for the designated amount of hours. 

The one issue I have with the battery-operated candles though is since the bottom is flat and solid, they don’t fit on the metal spike of my candle holders. The spike is meant to stick into the wax candle so it would be firmly secured.  The plastic flat bottom of the fake candle does not fit on the candle holder because of the metal piece. I decided to find a solution by making candle rings that solved that problem and still looked beautiful.

These DIY candle rings design is so versatile, this technique can be used to easily make candle rings for every occasion and every season and will work on both candle holders with the metal safety spike and candle holders without the spike. It also can be placed on a table as a centerpiece without the candle holder.

I wanted the candle ring to be cheap and easy to make with materials that everyone can find. I decided to get my supplies from Dollar Tree and acrylic paint from the craft store. The Dollar Tree is great for floral stems. I found these great roses in both red and black that had black vines and small sparkly skulls.  I made one Halloween Candle ring with two Halloween floral stems and I had pieces left over.

I brought this DIY Halloween candle holder design to my Halloween TV segment where I showed how to make my candle ring and the supplies that I used. Click here to watch the video.

Materials for the Halloween Candle Holder

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How to make DIY Halloween Candle Rings

  • Place the flameless candle onto the center of the bottom of the paper place and trace around the candle.


Paint the base of the DIY Halloween Candle Ring

  • Paint the paper plate black around the traced circle. This will prevent a white paper plate from showing when there are gaps in the decorations.

Glue Leaves on Candle Ring

  • Attach leaves with hot glue around the perimeter of the paper plate. The leaves should hang over the side of the plate to give it a draping look.

Gluing vines onto the candle ring

  • Cut plastic vines off of their Halloween floral stem and hot glue to the place between the leaves.

Glue vines to the Halloween candle ring.

  • Cut small leaves off of the Halloween floral stem and glue them around the plate on top of the vines to fill in the gaps.

Glue flowers to the candle ring

  • Hot glue roses all around the candle ring alternating the red and black flowers. Leave the circle open in the center of the plate so the candle will fit in nicely.

Glue skulls to the center of the roses

  • Glue glittery skulls to the center of the flowers. I had black skulls so I glued them on the red flowers.

Glue red rhinestones to the skull's eyes

  • Glue red rhinestones to the skull’s eyes with craft glue to make him look more spooky.

Beautiful DIY Halloween Candle Holder

  • Place the Halloween candle ring on a candle holder.

DIY Candle ring centerpiece

  • This DIY Halloween Candle Ring can be used on any type of candle holder or be used without a candleholder placed on a table for a DIY Candle ring centerpiece.

This candle holder design should only be used with Flameless battery-operated candles and not candles where there is an open flame.


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