Baby Birds

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baby-birds-4One of the things I love about the summertime is all of the local farm stands and fresh produce that is readily available. The flavor of freshly picked fruit and vegetables has such an unbelievably delicious taste and texture unlike anything you find at the grocery store.  I also have a lot fun going to the local farms to pick my own produce. I took the kids for blueberry and cherry picking yesterday and we had a great time being away from the city, enjoying the greenery and nature of the farm. Nestled inside of one of the blueberry bushes we heard a tiny squeaking sound, we pulled back the branches to reveal a nest with three little baby birds waiting for food. They were just so cute! It was worth the trip just to see the newborn baby birds.


The blueberry bushes. There were rows and rows of these.


There were some of the biggest and sweetest blueberries I have ever tasted.


Inside of the bushes, there was a sweet little tweeting sound coming out of  a nest…


and then out popped the chicks, waiting for food. I guess they thought we were their mother.


Off to the cherry picking.


Look at these beautiful, red cherries …they almost don’t look real.


Here are gorgeous blueberries and cherries that we picked…perfect colors for the a Fourth of July celebration.

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