7 Stunning DIY Fall Gift Wrapping Ideas

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DIY Fall Gift Wrapping Ideas are some of my favorite gifts to wrap. The seasonal gifts can be decorated with an ornate design to celebrate the colors and textures of fall. Rather than wrapping the fall gifts with traditional paper and ribbon, different options can be used to create a stunning gift wrap design.

I have always loved to wrap my gifts to reflect the person, occasion, or season. I always follow a theme for my designs and with fall, there are so many different DIY gift wrapping ideas that could be incorporated. I like to use kraft paper or brown paper bags for the wrapping and add natural elements and materials to accent the gifts. Depending on who the gift is for, I may use fabric leaves and flowers, stones, twigs or even cinnamon sticks to personalize the fall gift wrap. I also like to incorporate layers of fabric and decorative paper in the design. Small frayed pieces of burlap make a nice touch.

There are so many occasions in fall where a beautifully wrapped gift could be given and because the design is celebrating the season, it would be perfect for any of the occasions. Fall is a very popular wedding season and I have wrapped some beautiful wedding gifts with fall gift wrapping ideas. Also, beautifully gift-wrapped gift bags or wine bottles make great gifts for Thanksgiving.

Once you start thinking about all of the accents that can be used to decorate a gift, the DIY fall gift wrap ideas will be endless and each design will be more unique and beautiful.

Materials I use for my DIY Fall Gift Wrapping Ideas

All materials I use for my fall gift wrap ideas have warm tones and natural elements incorporated into the design. I also like to accent them with bronze and copper paint to add unexpected elegance to the gift.

  • Kraft Paper or Brown Paper Bag
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Twine
  • Raffia
  • Corn Husks
  • Pinecones
  • Burlap
  • Twigs
  • Stones
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Tissue Paper
  • Fabric Leaves
  • Fabric Flowers

1 – Amber Sunset Fall Gift Wrap Design

When I was designing this fall gift wrap idea I wanted to capture the amber and gold tones of fall and the warmth of the autumn sunflower. The soft tone of the scrapbooking paper accented with floral ribbon gives this gift wrap feeling of a fall sunset. Anyone would love to receive this beautiful gift for any occasion.

Click here to learn how to make the Amber Sunset gift wrap design.

2 – Autumn Harvest Fall Gift Wrap Design

Thanksgiving Fall Wrap Designs tend to be overlooked because everyone is so busy getting ready for the feast and the upcoming holidays. Fall gift wrap is one of the easiest gift decorations that can be made to look elegant and beautiful using all of the elements of the fall. This design uses earth tones fall accents to make gift wrap look like an unmistakably autumn design which is why I named it Autumn Harvest.

Click here to learn how to make the Autumn Harvest fall gift wrap design.

3 – How to Wrap a Wine Bottle for Thanksgiving

Learn how to wrap a wine bottle perfect for a gift or a beautiful fall decoration. Everyone is unsure if a wine bottle should be wrapped with wrapping paper, ribbon or even tissue paper. Usually is it not wrapped, placed in a decorative bag or cellophane sleeve.

My method on how to wrap a wine bottle is so easy and uses only a few items you may already have for this gorgeous decorated wine bottle gift wrap design.

Click here to learn how to wrap a wine bottle for Thanksgiving.

4 – Golden Magnolia DIY Fall Gift Wrapping

This is the most elegant fall gift wrap design I have made. The warm gold and brown tones capture the essence of the fall. It is easy to make this fall gift wrapping look by layering gold patterned scrapbooking paper, sheer gold ribbon, silk flowers and beads. This creates a stunningly beautiful design that is perfect for any occasion.

Click here to learn how to the Golden Magnolia Gift Wrap Design.

5 – Decorated Thanksgiving Food Drive Donation Boxes

Learn how to easily repurpose ordinary cardboard boxes into gorgeous fall harvest gift boxes to hold food donations to give to families for the Thanksgiving holiday. Each family received their own beautifully decorated box filled with essentials. This box is sturdy enough to be saved as a fall decoration to add a festive charm to their holiday.

Click here to learn how the Decorated Thanksgiving Food Drive Donation Boxes

6 – Autumn Leaves Gift Wrap Idea

It’s easy to create a festive fall-themed gift wrap design using only a few items. This autumn leaves gift wrap design not only makes a great gift but can also be used as a beautiful fall decoration.

Click here to learn how to make the Autumn Leaves Gift Wrap Idea

7 – Shopping Bag Gift Wrap Ideas

The most unique and interesting gift wrap designs are made from reused items and natural materials. They have an added interest that new materials can’t achieve. There are many different designs created on shopping bags and can make beautiful wrapping paper. Once combined with raffia and accented with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, and natural materials, gifts wrapped in shopping bags become works of art.

Click here to learn how to make Shopping Bag Gift Wrap Ideas

Here are some of my fall gift wrap ideas. Wrapping with kraft paper, using fall accents, gold and amber tones, and natural materials can make stunning fall gift wrap designs.

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