New Year’s Time Capsule Tradition

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new year's eve time capsule

2021 New Year’s Time Capsule!

Several years ago, I started a fun holiday tradition by making a New Year’s time capsule. Every New Year’s my family and I each create a list that includes our favorite things at that moment in time (favorite foods, drinks, TV shows, movies, etc.), our state of mind and goals for the upcoming year. We gather photos and items of interest, put it all in a box wrapped in newspaper from New Year’s Day and label it “Don’t open until 2022“. I then tuck it away in a safe place and forget about it until next year.

It is so much fun to open the time capsule each year on New Year’s Day to see everything we put in the box. When we opened our box on January 1st,  I was amazed at how much has changed in just one year and also how much has stayed the same.

Here are the materials I used to make my Time Capsule. Happy New Year!

new year's eve time capsule

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