Football Shaped Apple Pies

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Football Shaped Apple Pies

The NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl are a bright spot in the normally dull and dreary January. I love throwing football parties with fun decorations to help liven up the new year. A great way to combine both food and football decor is the make themed party food. What could be a better dessert for game day than football-shaped apple pies—flaky, buttery crust and tender chunks of sweet apples in every bite. This is a great finger food dessert perfect for a big game.

Use my easy to make football cookie cutter.


I created this apple filling for my Apple Pies pops. The recipe can be found here.


Rather than buy a football shaped cookie cutter, a can be used instead. I can never find my cookie cutters when I need them so this is a perfect solution. Remove the label and wash thoroughly (you don’t want your pies to taste like beans or whatever residual food flavor was originally in the can).

With a can opener, remove both ends of the can so you can easily get the football shaped dough out of your cutter. Smash one side of the can with your hands until it resembles a football shape.


 Cut out the football shapes and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.


I have a tendency to put in too much filling and it starts to squeeze out when I am sealing the pies.


Add the top piece and use a fork to press and seal the edges together. Use a knife to make small cuts in the top of the pies to simulate the laces. Be careful not to cut too deep into the pies.


Brush top of the pie people with egg whites…this will give the baked pies a beautiful golden brown appearance.


Sprinkle the pies with vanilla sugar for that extra special touch. You can also use raw sugar if you can’t find vanilla sugar.


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and bake for about 12 – 15 minutes. Start checking at 12 minutes to see how they look. Keep baking until they are golden brown. Enjoy!

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