When Pigs Fly…

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kite-1I didn’t  realize that there is actually a national month for kites. I had already bought some Angry Birds kites from Toys-R-Us to fly with the kids as soon as the weather became a little more spring like. Since the kids are on Spring Break this week, we went to the lake to test them out. It was a little windier than I would have liked — the kites kept spiraling around and taking a nose dive. The kids were naturals though. I was especially surprised with my four year old who had a knack for kite flying. I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite. I guess I must have been a kid. It was so much fun. I definitely recommend doing it. It is very relaxing and fun to be one with the wind. When was the last time you flew a kite?

Happy National Kite Month!


Keep running…it’s starting to fly.


 Watch out for the tree!

kite-3Yeah!! The blue bird is flying!


The pig is flying!


Chilling with a flying pig.


Angry Bird in flight.

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