Valentine’s Napkin Rings

I always wanted to have pretty Valentine’s napkin rings to spice up a place setting or wine/dessert display but never felt like buying them for just for one night. I came up with a less expensive and very easy solution. I created this napkin ring from a tube cut from either wrapping paper or paper towel roll. I covered it with ribbon accented with heart rhinestones. They are sturdy enough to be saved for next year and only cost pennies to make. Your guests will marvel at your attention to detail. You can use also create your own design with pieces of leftover ribbon accents you have on hand.

Difficulty – Easy


  • Wrapping paper or paper towel roll
  • 1-1/2 inch wide red satin ribbon
  • Red decorative cord
  • Heart rhinestones or buttons
  • Craft glue


  1. Cut a 1-1/2 inch piece of the wrapping paper towel roll.  
  2. Cut a piece of the 1-1/2 inch ribbon the length to wrap around the roll piece plus 1 inch for overlap.
  3. On the wrong side of the ribbon, fold over ½ inch of the ribbon end and glue for a finished edge.
  4. Apply craft glue to the back of the ribbon and wrap it around the paper towel tube, overlapping the raw edge of the ribbon with the finished edge.
  5. Repeat this process to line the inside of the ring or leave it plain. Lining the inside of the ring will produce a more sturdy and durable product and also give it a nice finished look.
  6. Wrap a piece of the cord around the center of the ring and tie a double knot. Apply a small amount of glue under the knot and under the cord in a few spots to secure.
  7. Cut the tails to matching lengths and tie knots.
  8. Glue the heart rhinestones onto the center knot and the tails of the cord.
  9. Slide the ring over a napkin to finish.

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