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School Bulletin BoardNow that new school is about to start, I have been asked to decorate display cases and school bulletin boards. This bulletin board was a challenging project for me because I have never made anything like this before and it is really big – 36″ x 48″. The school wanted to have a movie theater theme for the PTA so this is what I came up with. I like to have dimension with all of my designs and of course reuse whenever possible. I also like to add a little of my personal flair into everything I create.

This is how I made my first school bulletin board.

I was given a cardboard display board that was the exact size of the bulletin board. I thought it would be easier to design it on that rather than bring all the pieces to the school. I also bought cardboard letters and painted them in school colors to place above the bulletin board.

I cut out a piece of foam board, printed out the title and painted the red border. I painted water bottle caps gold and added glitter to make the lights. I trimmed the sign with gold and red cord.


I printed out two media reels, glued it onto foam board and cut them out. I used a empty ribbon spool to separate the two reels and offset them for the 3D look.


I stuffed a popcorn box with tissue paper and made lifelike popcorn out of paper towels, glue and Sharpie Markers. I glued them to top so it would look like it was filled with popcorn. I even put a burnt one in there for a more realistic look.


I sewed drapes with red fabric and fed them through a rod. I also printed out a movie film and popcorn shapes. Here is the layout of everything before I glued it on the board. I also used yellow fabric for to backdrop. I used craft glue and a hot glue gun to attach everything together. I also glued Velcro to the back of the board and to the bulletin board frame so it could be easily removed and saved when we want to replace it with a new design.

So here it is! Everyone was very happy with my design. I am looking forward to the next one…maybe an Autumn theme.



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