One Tough Little Daisy

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One day about a month ago, I noticed one Gerber Daisy in my front garden in full bloom. I was surprised because the trees had already lost their leaves and autumn was quickly changing into winter. Why was a daisy in bloom?  I attributed it to the fact that we have had unseasonably warm weather in the Washington DC area this fall and pre-winter time. That being said, we did have some very cold nights with temperatures decreasing below freezing with layers of frost encrusting car windshields. I was surprised that the daisy was still there to greet me every morning with a happy yellow face as if to say that she doesn’t care what season it is, she is still here!

I have grown to look forward to seeing my beaming flowery friend every day as if she is a reminder to me that regardless of what is going on around me in the world or how people think I should react to outside elements, I can overcome anything that is thrown my way. If this tough little daisy is capable of surviving below-freezing temperatures, 20 mph winds and morning frost, I can defeat anything difficult I may encounter as well. I think I am going to dig up my daisy friend and bring her inside so she is protected over the snowy winter months and she can bloom once again in the warmer weather.

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