Adventures in Food – Kiwi Berries

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Kiwi Berries

My First Experience Eating Kiwi Berries

I have always been adventurous when it comes to trying new food. If it looks fresh, not greasy and not too bizarre, I will try any type of food once, then I can decide if I like it. The strangest things I have eaten are whole baby octopi (or is it octopuses), fried shrimp heads and the worst food ever, sea urchin. Yuck! I will never eat any of those again. I am always on the lookout for new food to try that is why when I was in Wegmans a few days ago, I saw these Kiwi Berries, which are similar to the kiwi fruit but smaller and without the furry skin. They intrigued me so I had to try them. You ripen them at room temperature and when they are soft, you can eat them. They are really delicious. They are also loaded with vitamins and are considered a Super Fruit. I am sold on these. Look how cute they are! Kiwi berries look like babies next to the larger kiwi fruit.

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