How Do You Eat Corn On The Cob – Around or Straight? (Personality)

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Corn on the Cob

I love summer produce especially a freshly picked ear of corn from the farmers market that is cooked to perfection crispy and sweet slathered in butter! So how do you eat your corn on the cob? Do you eat it around or straight across?

Some people claim how you eat corn on the cob says a lot about your personality. Straight across is supposed to mean that you are analytical and organized where around shows that you are spontaneous and creative.

For the record, I eat my corn around the cob. I do like to be spontaneous and I do love to create. Regardless, I really don’t think there is any truth to these claims but it does make for a fun conversation at a cookout.

Rotary Method Eating CornThe Rotary Method

Typewriter Style eating cornThe Typewriter Style
(Does anyone even know what a typewriter is anymore?)

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