Halloween Centerpiece

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Halloween Centerpiece

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghost and goblins, you can create and elegant and stylish Halloween centerpiece and still celebrate the spooky holiday. This vase is easy to create and will add a touch of drama to any Halloween decor.

Materials for the Halloween Centerpiece

  • Black Vase
  • Vines and Sticks
  • Black Leaves
  • Red Roses
  • Floral Foam
  • Black Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun

Instructions for the Halloween Centerpiece

  1. Gather some interesting sticks and vines from outside. Remember it is Halloween so they don’t have to look perfect.
  2. Paint the sticks black.
  3. Place the floral  foam in the black vase.
  4. Insert the sticks in the foam and hot glue in place.
  5. Arrange the black leaves in the center of the vase, around the sticks and hot glue.
  6. Insert the roses around the outside rim of the vase as shown above and hot glue to secure.

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