DIY Alien Candy Container and Decoration (Easy to Make)

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This DIY Alien Candy Container is amazingly cute and would make a great Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves Sci-Fi. This fun DIY Candy Dispenser is easy to make and would make a great alien spaceship decoration for a desk. This candy gift box gift can be made with reused items and a few inexpensive materials from the craft store. This also makes a fun DIY flying saucer craft.

Here is a video showing step-by-step instructions on how to make this alien spaceship gift box.

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Why I Made this DIY Alien Candy Container

Every since I was a kid, I loved watching old Sci-Fi movies with my older brothers. This was before 3D animation or CGI. I remember seeing alien spaceships that looked like flying saucers with a dome on top and colorful lights around the rim. They must have been hanging by a string because they were shaky and didn’t fly smoothly. As a kid, I didn’t know the difference but to me, that was a flying saucer.

When I was preparing for a Father’s Day TV segment at NBC Affiliate, WBAL, I wanted to make an interesting candy container that held jelly beans. As I was drinking a frozen coffee, I looked at the domed lid with a hole where the straw was inserted and it came to me. It reminded me of the top of an old-style flying saucer that I used to see in the science fiction movies I watched as a child.

I instantly envisioned a retro flying saucer spaceship with a dome top and a cute, little green alien peeking out to see where he had landed. The bright colors of the jelly beans would simulate the energy powering the ship.

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