DIY Safari Animal Baby Lamps

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baby lamps
Learn how to easily make these DIY Safari Animal Baby Lamps. I love making cute baby things to decorate a baby shower or a baby room like these fun little wine glass lamps. These also make a great baby shower centerpiece idea.

When I started creating my ideas on how to throw a baby shower on a budget for my TV segment on NBC affiliate WBAL, I thought these wine glass lamps would not only look super cute at a baby shower but also add a nice touch to a baby room. I love party decorations that dress up an event but can also be used after the party as a room decoration. These baby room lamps are so easy to create and are very inexpensive to make. Click here to download the free Lamp Shade Printable Pattern.

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Materials used to make the Safari Animal Baby Lamps

Wine Glass Lamp materials

  • Wine Glasses (from the dollar store)
  • Wood Base ($1 at the craft store)
  • Painted Wooden Animals (less than $1 at the craft store)
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Multi-Surface Paint
  • Craft Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Rick-Rack
  • Battery Operated LED Lights
  • Shade Pattern – Download Here Lamp Shade Pattern

How to Make the Safari Animal Baby Lamps

Paint the stem and base of the wine glass with multi-surface paint and paint the wood circle with a coordinating color. Let dry.

Attach the base of the wine glass to the top of the wood circle with a hot glue gun.

Trace the Lamp Shade Pattern pattern on to the scrapbooking paper. If using safari animals like I did, make sure the animals are going in the correct direction so when the shade is made they are not upside down or sideways. Cut out the pattern.

Attach the two sides of the lamp shade together, overlapped about 1/4 inch and secure with craft glue. Glue rick-rack around the top and bottle edges of the shade and also down the seam.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the cute safari animals to the base of the wine glass and wooden circle.

Place battery operated LED lights into the wine glasses.


Add the lamp shades and you have a beautiful baby shower and baby room lamps. Be creative with your scrapbooking paper, colors and animals to match the theme or decoration of the shower or room.



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