DIY Fabric Face Mask Autumn Style (Free Printable Pattern)

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DIY Fabric Face Mask

I love to accessorize and create items that reflect each season. I thought it would be fun to create DIY fabric face masks with an autumn style. I found beautiful fall cotton fabric with leaves and gold accents that would make beautiful fall masks. I realize that fabric masks are almost everywhere in a variety of styles and colors but I like to custom make my own so I can make sure that it fits my face without gaps and I can choose my fabric. My feeling is if we have to wear them, let’s have fun with them!

I create two styles of masks. I make the pattern a little smaller because I used my face as a guide. Most fabric face masks are too large for me and are open on the sides. To test the size of the pattern by holding it up to your face before cutting the fabric. You will need to be able to sew to make these masks. Step-by-step instructions for the curved, fitted face mask are below.

Download a PDF pattern for the Curved Fitted Face Mask Pattern

Here are the instructions to make the rectangle face mask with ties.

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And this is a version of my curved, fitted face mask.

Materials to make the Curved, Fitted DIY Fabric Face Mask

Instructions to make the Curved, Fitted DIY Fabric Face Mask

  • Cut out face masks. Cut 4 pieces of the curved fitted masks to make a double layered mask.

  • Sew two sets together –  one with the right sides together and one with the inside together.
  • Turn them inside out and iron.

  • Pin the two sewn masks together with the right sides together. Sew around the top and bottom of the mask.

  • Turn inside out by pulling the mask through the opening on the side of the mask.
  • Iron and top stitch the top and bottom of the mask.

  • On the inside of the mask, fold in each side and iron.

  • Sew in elastic on the sides and top stitch to secure.

  • Sew on decorative trim to dress up the mask.








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