Decorated Reusable Gift Boxes

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Here is another design I created from the soft colored double-sided scrapbooking paper. I bought some beautiful candles from Anthropologie for my daughter’s kindergarten teachers. The sales girl gave me these really nice reusable gift boxes that opened in the front. I thought it would be nice to cover the top, back and sides with the same muted toned paper I used for the gift bags.  I used the patterned side for the top and back of the box and the solid color for the sides. I also bought a beautiful filigree jewelry accent and glued it to the center of the flower to add a little extra touch.  Not only did the teachers get a beautiful candle, but also a designer reusable box. Sometimes when I give a gift, people are happier to receive my packaging than the gift itself. Beautiful gift wrap, especially reusable wrap is a gift in itself.

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