Decorated Letters

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I was asked by ManneqArt to make three decorated letter “N”s for the studio. I wanted to create them to coordinate with the themes of the wearable art designs along with a preview to a new design I am making.  These are the decorated letters I created.

First I cut three, 18” letters out of foam board.

My first design is a steampunk decorated letter interpretation of my Nautilus wearable art piece – click to see how I made my wearable art design. I created this wearable art piece as a fusion of a jellyfish and the steampunk submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I cut shapes out of craft foam and reused items from around the house.


My second design is based on my Snowy Owl design – click to see how made my this design. I used the same painting techniques I created by painting paper to give it a frozen look. I also gathered natural elements to give it more of an earthy look.



I went back to my IT roots for my final decorated letter. It is a techie, circuit board design. I am in the process of making a wearable piece that will use some of these elements. I drew the entire circuit board, made the RAM chips with foam and 3D paint and added embellishments. I also took a lighter to the CD to give it a more artistic look. I will be posting this wearable piece when it is completed!



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