Celebrate Maryland Day With DIY Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

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A fun way to celebrate National Maryland Day is to create DIY Black-Eyed Susan, the Maryland State Flower, from reused water bottles. When I was creating a Preakness party ideas TV segment for WBAL-TV in Baltimore Maryland, I tried to find Black-Eyed Susan flowers everywhere to help decorate my table display. I found yellow daisies and sunflowers but no Black-Eyed Susan flowers. I decided to make my version. I created some from reused water bottles, and others from Dollar Tree flowers with black pom poms as the center. I cut out yellow paper plates to look like a flower and taped a smaller black paper plate to the center to create a Black-Eyed Susan flower. I even created a Preakness hat with DIY Black-Eyed Susan flowers.

Preakness Party Ideas TV Segment with DIY Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

DIY Preakness Party Decorations

I love to recycle and reuse items to create my designs. Most of my creations I have made from things that are normally discarded. I think things created from unconventional materials are more interesting and beautiful than using new and traditional items. I also love the element of surprise when people look at my designs and realize what I used to create them.

How To Make DIY Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

Here are instructions on how to make water bottle Black-Eyed Susan Flowers which is the Maryland State Flower and the flower that also represents the Preakness Stakes.

Materials to Make DIY Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

  • Water Bottles
  • Scissors
  • Multi-Surface Craft Paint
  • Black Pom Poms
  • Craft Glue


Step 1: Cut off the top of the water bottle about 2 1/2 inches from the bottle cap. Keep the bottle cap intact.

Step 2: Cut the bottle into 12 strips. Bend the petals down to make petals.

Step 3: Cut the ends of the petals into a curve shape with scissors.

Step 4: Paint the flower with multi-surface acrylic craft paint. Two coats may be needed to give the flowers a solid yellow color.

Step 5: Glue a black pom pom into the center of the flower with craft glue to create a water bottle DIY Black-Eyed Susan Flower.

I used the same technique to make water bottle DIY Black-Eyed Susan flowers for my Preakness TV segment on WBAL. I created a video showing how I made my water bottle flowers. It is a fun and easy craft that everyone can fun doing!

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