DIY Graduation Tassel Quick and Easy (For Under $1)

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Learn how to make my quick and easy DIY Graduation Tassel in under a minute and for less than a dollar! It’s graduation season and the accent that is so important for creating graduation party decorations is the graduation tassel! Adding a tassel to any decoration instantly transforms it into a graduation decoration.

These are so easy to create and can be customized in any color. You can make the traditional gold tassel or make it in the school colors. You are not going to believe how cheap and easy they are to make. You only need two materials to make a tassel. The materials can be found at any craft store in any color you want to use.

You can watch the video tutorial showing how to make a tassel with step-by-step instructions or follow the instructions below.

Learn how to make more of my DIY Graduation Decorations using the DIY Graduation Tassel and Mini Tassels.

DIY Graduation Centerpiece (Step-by-Step Instructions)

DIY Graduation Centerpiece

Create this festive DIY graduation centerpiece made from tissue boxes and inexpensive things from the craft store. This graduation decor is sure to add pizazz to any graduation party for any age! The nice thing about this DIY graduation decoration is can easily be customized for the school colors and mascot.

Graduation Centerpiece

You easily create a fun and festive DIY Graduation Centerpiece that adds all the elements of a graduation celebration – the year, graduation cap and school colors.

DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box

DIY graduation cap gift box

DIY Graduation Cap Gift Box

This easy to make Graduation Cap gift box, perfect for not only gift cards, checks, money but also a small gift. You can customize the colors to match the school theme and make your coordinating tassel.

DIY Graduation Cap Decorations (Easy to Make and Free Printable)

DIY Graduation Cap Decorations

These DIY Graduation Cap Decorations are a great decoration to add some height to your table. They are perfect DIY Graduation Centerpieces Ideas. Free Printable

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Materials for the Graduation Tassel

How to Make a Graduation Tassel Out Of Embroidery Floss

  • Embroidery Floss
  • Gold Twist Ties
  • Scissors

How to Make a Graduation Tassel Out Of Embroidery Floss

The instructions are for both a traditional sized graduation tassel or two mini tassels.

How to make a Graduation Tassel out of embroidery floss

Graduation Tassel

DIY Mini Tassels

  • Separate the embroidery floss, opening the middle so it is even on both sides.
  • Feed the twist ties through the loops of the embroidery floss.
  • Fold the twist tie in half so the ends meet.
  • Twist the tie so to secure the embroidery floss.
  • For the mini tassels, feed twist ties at both ends.

DIY Graduation Tasselhow to make a tassel

  • Twist gold twist ties around the embroidery floss at both ends, about 1/4 inch from the end to make two mini tassels or around one end to make one tassel.

how to make mini tassels

DIY Graduation Tassel

  • Cut the embroidery floss in half to create two tassels or cut the sealed loop to create one tassel.

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