Water Bottle Tiki Torches

tiki torche
I love using tiki torches, they add instant charm to any barbecue. I was planning a summer cookout and I thought why not make a version that can be used inside as a table decoration.  I still wanted to have the look of a lit tiki torch even if it was rainy outside and I also wanted the people sitting inside have the feeling of being outdoors. This is an inexpensive and easy project to create and some of the materials you may already have around your house.

Materials used to make a water bottle tiki torch

  • Empty Water Bottles
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Wooden Stirrer Sticks
  • Natural Colored Raffia or Twine
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Red, Yellow and Orange tissue paper
  • Black Ribbon (optional)
  • Sand or small rocks (optional)
  • Candle Holders



  1. Dry out the empty water bottle and remove the cap.
  2. Spray paint the bottle with black paint until the entire surface is covered.
  3. Glue wooden stirrer sticks about 1/2 inch apart around the entire bottle.
  4. Wrap the raffia around the water bottle as shown above in #3, adding small amounts of glue to hold in place. I wrapped the raffia around twice and then tied the ends together, trimming the tails.
  5. Glue a piece of black ribbon around the neck of the water bottle to cover the threads.
  6. Fill tiki torch with small rocks or sand to add weight so it is not easily knocked over.
  7. Cut small pieces of red, orange and yellow tissue paper in a flame shape and glue inside the opening of the bottle for the flame.
  8. Place the finished tiki torches on candle holders to complete the look.

And there you go, a tiki torch to add the cookout feeling to the inside of your party. Give me something that is usually tossed into the recycle bin and I will turn it into something whimsical for your party.

Send me pictures of recent water bottle projects you’ve finished.  I’d love to post it on my site!