Tissue Box Day of the Dead Faces

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I wanted to make something fun and festive to celebrate Halloween. This year I decided to pay tribute to the day of the dead holiday celebrated in Mexico and other countries around the world. I have always loved the art and the floral design of the skulls so I tried my hand at creating my own. I drew the faces and glued them on to the front of an empty tissue box. I used some LED candles to create  interesting and unique candle holders to add to my Halloween decorations.

You can print the faces I created and attached them to any type of painted box and color them in. Be creative and glue rhinestones, flowers, stickers or whatever strikes you. If you make one of my designs, please send me an image of your completed project. I would love to it and post it on my blog.

Click on each image to open the Day of the Dead faces.




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