Starbucks Bag Gift Wrap

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starbucks bag gift wrap

One of things I like to do is use household and recycled items to create beautiful gifts. Using stuff you already have can create an inexpensive and unique gift wrap design. It also makes a great conversation piece. I love giving wrapped gifts that not only make a person feel special but also causes them to take a second look to figure how you decorated them.

This Starbucks bag gift wrap design is made entirely out of a Starbucks bag and a coffee sleeve. The ribbon is an unraveled handle from the shopping bag and the flower is cut from the coffee sleeve. I love the textures on this gift — it makes such an interesting look. This gift wrap design would be perfect for coffee lover in your life. Click here to watch me show how to create this design on my Earth Day TV segment.


  • Starbucks Bag
  • Starbucks Coffee Sleeve
  • Tape
  • Craft Glue



Step 1: Wrap the gift in a Starbucks bag.


Step 2: Cut the handles from the bag and unravel them so they look like textured paper ribbon.


Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around the box and secure on the back with craft glue.


Step 4: Tape two coffee sleeves together on the non corrugated side.



Step 5: Draw a flower shape on the coffee sleeve and cut out.



Step  6: Draw a smaller flower out of a colored part of the bag and cut out.



Step 7: Tie a small piece of the handle into a knot and trim the ends.



Step 8: Attach the flower pieces and knotted handle together with craft glue to form a fun flower.



Step 9: Glue the flower to the gift to complete your whimsical Starbucks Gift Wrap!




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