Spooky DIY Halloween Ghost Decoration

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What is Halloween without a ghost decoration? It’s still Halloween, but it wouldn’t be the same without one! Here is a quick and easy Halloween DIY ghost decoration that you can put together in no time. All you need is a few items from the craft store to create this spooky ghost decoration. Place it on a candlestick and add LED lights to make it look as if it is floating.

Materials for the DIY Halloween Ghost Decoration

  • Styrofoam Head or Styrofoam Ball
  • Black Stiff Felt
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Craft Glue
  • String Battery Operated LED Lights

Instructions for the DIY Halloween Ghost Decoration

  • Cut two pieces of cheesecloth to cover the head.  Measure them at least four inches longer than the head on all sides. Cut the edges uneven so they will have a wispy look.
  • Cut out a ghost face out of the stiff felt and glue it to the cheesecloth.

  • Layer the cheesecloth over the head. Use a few dabs of glue to secure.

  • Wrap LED lights around the neck of the Styrofoam head and place on a candlestick to give the ghost a floating look.

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