Reused Items Gift Wrap

This is my newest project I created for Scotch Brand. A fun spring gift wrap design can made with items found around the house. I cut the flowers from pieces of reused greeting cards — they have such beautiful designs it seems a shame to not reuse them. I also used spare buttons, a strand of yarn and leftover party streamers to decorate this gift.

Difficulty – Easy


  • Scotch® Precision Scissors  
  • Scotch® Double Sided Tape 
  • Scotch® Quick Dry Tacky Glue
  • Scotch® Foam Tape
  • Reused White packing paper
  • Recycled cards in fun colors
  • Buttons
  • Crepe paper party streamers (two colors)
  • Yarn pieces


  1.  For the textured look, crumbled the packing paper into a ball and smooth it out with your hands. Using Scotch® Paper Cutter cut the paper the size to wrap the gift. Wrap the gift using Scotch® Double Sided Tape.  
  2. Using Scotch® Precision Scissors, cut two pieces of crepe paper the length to wrap around the box. Cut one of the colors up the center length to create two long pieces.
  3. Attach to the box with Scotch® Double Sided Tape as shown overlapping the ends on the underside of the box. 

  4. Creatively twist yarn on the top of the box to create a fun asymmetrical design. Glue the yarn with Scotch® Quick Dry Tacky Glue.
  5. Cut flower shapes from pieces of recycled cards. Randomly place the flowers on top of the yarn with Scotch® Foam Tape.
  6. Using Scotch® Quick Dry Tacky Glue, glue a button on to the center of each one of the flowers.